Dollar General Store #10524

3724 Covenant Road, Columbia, SC 29204
Size: 15,000 Sq Ft

Our investment team contracted to purchase this Dollar General and the adjoining 6,800 square feet of vacant shop space in Columbia, SC from Wells Fargo. The property had been foreclosed upon and had a short-term lease with Dollar General. While still in contract negotiations, a thousand year flood hit Columbia and 30% of the facility’s parking lot, including lighting and utility connections, were washed away.

Our team negotiated a lower price cash purchase with the lender/owner and assumed responsibility for all necessary improvements to the property. With an additional cash investment of more than $200,000, working closely with the US Corps of Engineers, we properly restored the facility and negotiated a lease extension with Dollar General, while we continue to look for the right opportunity for the excess space. This property was sold to a local investor with a 1031 Exchange need.